The maiden Rebranding Conference for Credit Unions has ended at the Credit Unions Training Centre CUTraC, at Kasoa in the Central Region.

An initiative of the Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association (CUA) Limited and Micro WATCH, the 2019 Credit Unions Rebranding Conference brought together facilitators and participants from across Africa to deliberate and brainstorm on policies and practices that if implemented will move Credit Unions into financial institutions of influence.

The two-day event, also targeted at enlightening participants to explore the role of branding in profit maximization, strengthen Credit Unions to create a solid and sustainable brand image, improve credit unions brand visibility and establish a platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst Credit Unions.

The conference commenced with Opening remarks and purpose by the General Manager of the Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association (CUA) Limited, Mr. Stephen Asiamah. He extolled the explicit collaborative effort of Micro Watch and CUA targeted at evolving Credit Unions to higher heights.

The General Manager of CUA, Mr. Stephen Asiamah giving the opening remarks.

Mr. Asiamah shared the conviction that this laudable initiative will go a long way to enhance the services and visibility of Credit Unions in Ghana and should be recurrent.

The former General Manager of CUA, Mr. Emmanuel Oduro Darko, was the first Speaker for day one of the summit and facilitated the topic “Creating Marketing Culture for Growth of Credit Unions”. He commended the major impact Credit Unions are making in the development of the informal and micro economic sector of the country.

Mr. Emmanuel Oduro Darko, speaking to the participants.

However, Mr. Darko bemoaned the poor brand visibility and marketing culture amongst Credit Unions and called for a buildup of best standards and innovative practices to transform Credit Unions into strong financial institutions notwithstanding the current financial crisis in Ghana.

A Speaker from South Africa, Mr. Marc Johnson, made presentations under the theme, “Accounting and Financial Literacy in Rebranding. He emphasized how crucial accountability and transparency is, in rebranding.

Mr. Marc Johnson doing his presentation

Mr. Johnson also engaged participants on innovative accounting methods and account keeping as well as how to invest their resources in valuable assets to gain more income.

The summit returned from a thirty minutes break to have the Chief Design and Customer Experience Manager for Mesika Limited, Mr. Eric Gyamera, who entreated credit unions to digitalize their transactions.

Mesika Limited representative Mr. Eric Gyamera

He emphasized that digitalized transactions are efficient and promote customer loyalty due to clarity.

A Banker, Trainer and Consultant, Mr. Harrison Ahorgba, speaking on “Developing a New Brand Identity”, told participants to adopt effective ways of satisfying members of their various credit unions.

Mr. Harrison Ahorgba speaking on Developing A New Brand Identity

Mr. Ahorgba accentuated that, a brand surpasses the logo of a corporation. A brand he noted requires dedication that will promote customer satisfaction because unsatisfied customers are very dangerous to an organization.

The Head of Mobile Financial Services at Vodafone Ghana, Mr. Carl Ashie dealt with the topic “Leveraging Technology to Grow Credit Unions”. Mr. Ashie said globalization and technology are rapidly increasing across the world and how an organization utilizes it determines its growth rate.

Mr.  Carl Ashie urging participants to leverage technology to grow their Credit Unions.

The day ended with a very insightful presentation from Mr. Bernard Kelvin Clive on the topic, “The need for Rebranding and Repositioning. He explained that, for things to function properly and fall into place within the Credit Union Movement positive energy and collective efforts must be demonstrated. Also, strategies that produces positive results must not be changed but maintain and expanded.

Mr. Bernard Kelvin Clive explaining the need for Rebranding to participants

Day two of the summit commenced with an euphoric presentation from Mr. Jeremiah Tetteh, A Banker, Trainer and Consultant on the theme, “Building Staff Brand Loyalty”. He urged management to involve their staff in the decision making process of their Unions. Mr. Tetteh clarified that staff brand loyalty can only be attained when staff see themselves and are made to feel part of the initiation and decision making of policies of their various unions.

Mr. Jeremiah Tetteh enjoining participants to develop their staff brand loyalty

Alex Offei Lartey, Head of Digital and Social Media Marketing at AirtelTigo Ghana, handled “Digital Marketing Strategies” while Mr. Richard Amuzu, a Trainer and Consultant added an exciting touch to his presentation on Corporate Governance. “The effects of corporate rebranding on customer satisfaction and loyalty was presented by Mr. Bernard Clive and Mr. Marc Johnson ended the conference on the topic “Records Keeping”.


Mr. Alex Offei-Lartey and Mr. Richard Tetteh Amuzu doing their presentations.

Certificates were presented to participants who expressed their pleasure at the first ever Credit Unions Rebranding Conference and called on organizers to continue with this educative program.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hydro Credit Co-operative Union Limited (HCCUL), Mr. Joseph Garti noted that rebranding is very relevant to credit unions in view of occurrences in the financial sector of the country and called on Credit Unions who could not make it to the maiden edition of the summit to attend subsequent ones.

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