The entire town of Swedru in the Central Region, was thrilled with Brass band and contemporary music when Emmanuel Co-operative Credit Union (ECCU), centered in the town embarked on a float. It forms part of activities earmarked ahead of the Union’s 30th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting slated May 29, 2019 at the forecourt of ECCU office opposite the Swedru Melcom premises.


Prior to the float ECCU had donated more than thirty street lights to lighten up the town for the safety of motorists, pedestrians and other members as its Corporate Social Responsibility during this anniversary period.

Secretary to the Board of Directors of ECCU, Mr. Dominic Victor Essel threw light on how instrumental the union has been in improving lives of individuals and groups who have been part of it since its thirty years of existence.

Madam Agnes Acquah, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of ECCU was impressed with the Union’s progress over the thirty-year period. She explained that the activities line-up before the main anniversary started with sensitization programs in the early part of the week. She invited members within and outside Swedru, to come in their droves to make the AGM and 30th Anniversary a success.

The General Manager for ECCU, Mr. Charles Adobaw Graham, assured members that the existence of the Union and its survival during the financial crisis is an indication it is solvent and members savings are safe.

Mr. Graham, assured both members and prospective members of improved and innovative ways of operating the union. He called on all members to participate in the AGM and anniversary, so that together they can make resolutions to move ECCU to the next level

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