The Association of Rural Banks has held a media launch for its 7th Rural Banking Week celebrations in the Board Room of the ARB Apex Bank premises at Ridge in Accra.
Mr. D.O.K Owusu National President of the Association on behalf of the National Council welcome the Press, members and stakeholders. It was intended to give the media and the general public thorough understanding of the role of the ARB as well as its 144 active Rural and Community Banks (RCBS) across the 16 regions of Ghana.
He narrated that the Rural Banking Week was initiated twelve years ago to help sensitize the public about the product and services offered by RCBs and its role in rural financial intermediation in the Country. It is a bi-annual event and the climax is scheduled to coincide with the World Savings Day which is marked every October 31.
“Every year, there are Region Week Celebrations and host region for the climax of the celebrations rotates amongst the regions to bring regional balance as well as offer platform for the various regions to market their businesses to people from across the country who converge for the climax of the celebration. This year the Western Region would host the Climax” he explained.
The chosen theme for this year’s celebration is “the role of Rural and Community Banks in Financial Inclusion. Mr. Owusu explained that, the theme intends to highlight the critical roles RCBs play in rural financial intermediation and the national financial inclusion agenda.
Currently, RCBs in Ghana number one hundred and forty four (144) with more than eight hundred and fifty (850) branches, 6.5million customers, employing more than 15,000 permanent staff.
The Association has been supporting, promoting advocacy programs through which the bank can make meaningful contributions to the development of agriculture, commerce and the growth of micro-medium and small scale enterprises in the rural communities.
The National President clarified that, “the National Association of Rural Banks is distinct from the ARB Apex which is a mini regulator of RCBs. The Association however, works closely with the ARB Apex Bank and we are also happy to report our operations are supported by them, he note.
Mr. Owusu gave the programme line-up for the climax of the week celebrations on November 16, 2019 at the main auditorium of the Takoradi Polytchnic University in the Western Region.
. He mentioned that it will begin with series of media engagements, Regional Chapters and their branches are to select any month that is favorable to them for the celebrations.
He however, noted that some Regional Chapters have begun celebrating with activities such as; Community Sales Durbar on products and services, extension of Susu and microfinance schemes to underserved areas, media encounter on theme, float/games/talks in churches.

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