Adding Innovative Ideas to Brands – Rebranding Conference 2020

For any organisation/company to add innovative ideas to their brand, it is important to ask these questions;
What is the identity of the brand?
What the public’s impression of the brand is?
How do customers or potential customers view the brand?
What is the corporate perspective on the brand?
Once the company knows the identity of the brand, it becomes easy to determine if the innovative ideas fit into the companies strategic plan.
It also becomes easy to spot ideas that do not fit into the brand identity.

Get answers to these and more at the 2020 Credit Union Re-branding Conference themed : “Developing Innovative Brand for Credit Unions vis-à-vis the Ghanaian Financial Sector Challenges” scheduled for the 25 -26 February 2020 at CUTrac, Kasoa.  These conference is organised by micro watch in collaboration with CUA.

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