Abosomakotre Co-operative Credit Union (ACCU) has constructed a Police Station at Oforikrom in Bono East Region to curb the recurrent highway robbery on the Sunyani Techiman road and also provide security for residents.
The modern facility consists of four offices with washrooms, a washroom for the public, a charge office and a High-Tec holding cell was inaugurated on Tuesday, December 10, 2019.
Prosper Aforbu, the Chief Executive Officer of Abosomakotre Credit Union explicated to Micro Watch in an exclusive interview that robbery on the highway has been rampant in recent times and it is affecting individuals, business and communities in the Bono East Region. “Traders, drivers, residents and communities in the area live in constant fear.
Board of Directors and management in order to ensure security and enhance economic activity that is declining in the area as a result of the recurrent high way robbery in the area decided to construct a Police Station”, he noted.
Mr. Aforbu expressed optimism that the Police Station will exterminate highway robbery and petty theft in the area. “Abosomakotre is not only poise to promote socio economic development of the people and communities in the Bono East Region but also ensure their safety”
Abosomakotre Co-operative Credit Union was initiated by Sister Elaine Kohls, a member of the Catholic Mission Sisters and administrator of the Holy Family Hospital at Techiman the Capital of the Bono East Region of Ghana in 1971. The intent was to promote financial development and independence amongst workers of the hospital. It started with a membership of 10 and an initial savings of 27 old Ghana Cedis.
In 1996, the current CEO, Mr. Prosper Aforbu took over the management of the Union which had a membership of 214 and total assets of GHS 1,100. However, with the support of the Board of Directors and hard work of management and staff, the Union can now boast of a total membership of 29,000 and a total asset of GHS 42.3 million.
It also has four branches; Techiman the Head office, Sunyani, Kintampo and Buipe all operating from ultra-modern edifices.
The Credit Union has transformed the lives of many individuals, families’, institutions and communities in the Bono East Region through their services and several Corporate Social Responsibilities.
Mr. Aforbu elucidated that, “Since the Union stemmed from the Holy Family Hospital we are more bias towards health care. We have donated an 80KVA generator worth GHS 120,000 to the Holy Family Hospital and various items to different health facilities in the Bono East Region to the tune of over GHS 64,000 Ghana. Currently we are doing business with about 21 health facilities across the Region”.
ACCU has also developed Agriculture in the Region through soft loans for farmers to purchase tractors, fertilizers and other farm implements. Post-harvest losses has been reduced to the barest minimum with provision of articulated trucks that that transport farm produce from remote places in the region to the urban areas.
Also various entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises have built their capital base and created youth employment.
The CEO mentioned that ACCU is currently operating current account for businesses, fixed deposits, Mobile Money services, E-Zwich e.t.c. However, he continued that the Union will continue to enhance its products and services into a National financial institution of influence and development.
He also urged members of communities within the region to join Credit Unions because their philosophy is ideal for poverty alleviation.

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