Parliament has Approved a Request to Waive Domestic VAT Totaling

Parliament has approved a request to waive Domestic VAT totaling US$3.1 million on local purchases and services in the rehabilitation and upgrading of equipment in Technical Universities, Polytechnics and Technical and Vocational Training Centres. The request for the VAT exemption complies with the Concessional Loan Agreement between the Government of Ghana and the Export-Import Bank of China. Dr Mark Assibey-Yeboah, Chairman of the Finance Committee presenting the Committee’s report on the floor Parliament indicated that Parliament had in July 2018 approved by a resolution the

Supplementary Contract Agreement Nos. 1&2 as well as the Commercial Contract between the Government of Ghana, acting through the Ministry of Education and Messrs AVIC International Holding Corporation of China for the implementation of the project. Following that, the House 5th April 2019, approved by resolution the request for the waiver of Import Duties, VAT, GETFund, Import NHIL, Special Import Levy, EXIM Levy, AU and ECOWAS levies amounting to US$26,966,083 on project materials and equipment to be procured under the Polytechnic, Technical and Vocational Training Centres upgrading project.

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