Tackling Youth Unemployment: Business Dev’t Ministry launches 3rd Presidential Pitch

As part of Government’s efforts to reduce unemployment among the youth, the Ministry of Business Development has launched the third Presidential Pitch initiative.

The Pitch focuses on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the thriving youth between the ages of 18 and 35 years.

For this year, government is dedicating one million cedis for ten final participants who will be required to provide a feasible business plan that will see to the creation of jobs for over 250 youth in the country.

Launching the Pitch, the Minister for Business Development, Alhaji Mohammed Awal, said the success of the Pitch will be greatly appreciated especially in a COVID-19 era where majority of the youth are unemployed.

“We want to move from the system where every young person wants to complete their education and work at a government institution. The private sector is choked, that is why this program was introduced. It is meant to build the capacity of the youth, let them have the can do attitude and the President and government will support them with the needed funds”, he said.

The Minister further revealed that 406 jobs were created under the first and second Pitch.

He says this year’s Pitch is expected to create not less than 250 jobs this year.

The Fund, which is a loan to be given to the 10 best applicants is to be paid back after three years with no interest.

About the Presidential Pitch

The Presidential Pitch is a project designed to offer young Ghanaian Entrepreneurs below 35 years the opportunity to market their business ideas and to get financial assistance to implement such ideas.

The project is also part of the President’s commitment to support young entrepreneurs to incubate their business ideas and improve livelihoods.

SOURCE: citinewsroom

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