Relax on easing COVID-19 protocols after opening air borders – Tourism Chamber to government


Chamber for Tourism Industry Ghana has welcomed the possible reopening of the country’s air borders in September 2020.

The President in his recent address to the nation hinted of a likely re-opening of the country’s airport to international travel next month.

However, Speaking to Citi Business News, Chief Operating Officer of the Chamber, Angela Akua Asante, says although its members are looking forward to the reopening of the country’s borders, it hopes the enforcement of the COVID-19 safety protocols will not be laxed.

She said that “all those safety protocols, we need to continue with them so that the arrival of tourists do not create so much excitement that people forget to put their nose masks on, to practise social distancing and all of that.  On the other hand, once we are able to apply self-discipline, to make this work, then this is going to be great for all of us. Like I said, there is a lot of excitement because now, businesses in the tourism sector are able to project some growth after the last few months which have been pretty difficult and quite challenging for them.”

“We at Chamber of Tourism Ghana are quite positive about the direction of Ghana’s tourism sector is taking and it is our duty  and my duty also as the Chief Operating Officer of the Chamber to continue to cooperate  with the ministry and also with the Ghana Tourism  Authority to create a safe and prosperous environment for all of us.”

A large chunk of patrons of the country’s tourism sector are foreign nationals so the closure of the country’s borders negatively impacted the industry, leading to severe losses.

Up until the recent announcement by the President, tourist sites across the country had been shut down to visitors.


Source: citibusinessnews


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