SolarTaxi introduces electric cars in Ghana

A green energy company, SolarTaxi Limited, is calling for better commitment towards the use of renewable energy in Ghana.

Speaking at a press briefing to introduce its new electric vehicles onto the Ghanaian market, the Growth Associate of the company, Eugene Amponsah, said electric vehicles, as an innovative transportation alternative, have the potential to mitigate climate change and also provide affordable transportation for Ghanaians.

“They don’t produce fumes so we mitigate climate change. So, when we have more of these cars in the system that would control the impact on the environment. We are trying to make a major statement in the transportation industry, we know that there is a huge influx of a lot of fuel cars in the system.  We are also much concerned about climate change and with that we want to try and help the environment by introducing cars that are efficient in terms of servicing, cost of fuel and all that.”

By leveraging the energy from the sun and innovativeness of the shared economy, the company believes electric vehicles will reduce carbon emissions, cost of delivery and transport services to individuals and businesses.

Its products include solar-electric bikes, tricycles, cars and charging stations.


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