Incentivize vessels that dock at Tema and Takoradi ports – CMC appeals

The Cocoa Marketing Company (CMC) says it is in talks with the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA) to give rebates to vessels that dock at both the Tema and Takoradi ports.

The company believes the discount will encourage more vessels that dock at the Tema port to also patronize the Takoradi port.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the 2020/21 Cocoa Freight negotiation conference, the Managing Director of Cocoa Marketing Company, Vincent Okyere Akomeah, said he is hopeful that this move will encourage shippers to transport cocoa beans from Takoradi to Accra.

He added that, “The idea is that, they (GPHA) need to give some discount to vessels that call at Tema and go to Takoradi. Since Tema and Takoradi fall under the same management, GHPA can say we are giving a discount for calling both ports and that will incentivize them. On our side, what we can do is to also increase the volume of cocoa we give them  because for their business, more or less the economy of scale, the bigger the volume, the more profitable it is for them.”

The Cocoa Marketing Company Limited for the 2019/20 period shipped over 500,00 tonnes of Cocoa.

Out of this, 52% was shipped from Takoradi, 42% from Tema and 6% from Kumasi.

The Western Region produces 45 percent of the country’s cocoa beans and by extension, a significant chunk of Ghana’s cocoa finds its way to Takoradi.

As it stands, just three shipping lines call at Takoradi, a situation which is of concern to CMC considering the volume of cocoa it ships from the region.

Mr. Vincent Okyere Akomeah, therefore, admonished shippers to call more at the Takoradi port promising them some perks.

“We are therefore encouraging many shipping lines as possible to avail themselves to load cocoa from Takoradi. We are assuring you of incentives like greater volumes and free empty container terminal at  Kadjebi. We are taking the issue of port tariffs and port charges with the Ghana ports and Harbour Authorities for vessels picking cocoa from Takoradi and you will be duly informed of the outcome of this engagement.”

The CMC is the world’s largest single Seller and Exporter of premium cocoa from origin.

Its customers are assured of cocoa, which exceeds the rigorous industry standards and meets the unique taste, texture and appearance of premium quality cocoa.

The company’s local and international network gives it control over the domestic supply chain and also gives it reach in the international market.

CMC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ghana Cocoa Board, established in 1961.

It exists to promote, sell and deliver Ghana’s Cocoa to both local cocoa processors and the international traders and processors.

To take delivery of and to store Ghana’s cocoa at its designated warehouses in Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi takeover centres.

To support the financing of Ghana’s cocoa sector by facilitating the annual syndicated loan arrangements and to ensure that sale proceeds are collected towards the repayment of the loan.


Source: citinewsroom



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