Borkams industrial and trading enterprise resolves issues with GSA

Borkams industrial and trading enterprise, a firm that deals in quality electrical cables, has resolved issues that led to its closure by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).

Borkams, located at Agbogba in Accra and owned by a Ghanaian was accused of dealing in cables not certified by GSA.

It was thus closed down in June 2019.

Meanwhile, officials of the company say they have subsequently gone through all the necessary processes to have issues they had with GSA addressed and resumed operations in December 2019.

MD of Borkams, Mr. James Bortey, in an interview said the company is law-abiding and continue to introduce quality electrical products to the Ghanaian market.

“We pride ourselves of being a conscious company providing quality electrical products of the best standards. We are always at the forefront of bringing new products with a clear objective of improving the quality of life for our diversified consumers,” he said.

About Borkams

Borkams industrial and trading enterprise has been in the business of importing and selling electricals for several years.

It recently started a factory to manufacture cables and LED bulbs to support the Ghanaian market as part of the buy made in Ghana campaign.

Providing high quality LED bulbs and cables to meet the high demand of the Ghanaian market.


Source: citibusinessnews



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