GCC’s Involvement in Conflict Resolution

On the 19th November 2020, the Ghana Cooperatives Council, visited the Central Region of Ghana, where we held meetings with two transport societies; Peace cooperative society and Mankessim Accra Takoradi cooperative society. This meeting was held in collaboration with the district officer from the Department of Cooperatives.
These societies have been in existence for a number of years but their members lacked the basic knowledge on the principles and importance of cooperatives.

Our central regional Cooperative development officer; RCDO Bernice Opattah’s discussions with these societies revealed the misconception the members have on the principles of cooperatives. The Principles Being Open and voluntarily membership, democratically controlled, Autonomy and independent, Economic participation of members, Continuous education & training, cooperation among cooperatives, and Concern for the community.

She gathered that, some leaders heading these cooperatives claim ownership of the society, based on the fact that they might have initiated the formation of these cooperatives.
RCDO Bernice explained to the members present that, leaders claiming ownership of these societies clearly violates the cooperative principles and for that matter should restrain from such attitude. She also stressed on the need for them to maintain the cooperative spirit even as they grow in numbers as well as in their operations.
Additionally, she advised the executives not to neglect the opinions of their members and try as much as possible to involve members’ ideas and suggestions in their decision making.

Author : Nana Ama F. Adusei

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