Ghana: Fix The Country campaign

Ghana, the beloved country of our first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah is gradually becoming a despised one even for its citizenry. Ghanaians have however taken to social media, especially Twitter with the hashtag #fixthecountry, showcasing their grievances and dissatisfaction with the current situation of the country.

The issues of dumsor (irregular power supply),  water shortage, unemployment, haphazard educational system, terrible roads, increment in transportation, galamsay (illegal mining) and many others seem to be the status-quo of today.

Telecommunications operator MTN has notified its customers of the new data charges which were to take effect May 1 due to the implementation of 1% COVID-19 levy by the government.

This campaign has seen a lot more people voicing their pleas with some celebrities like Actress and Producer Yvonne Nelson demanding of President Nana Addo Dakwah Akuffo Addo together with his parliamentarians to fix the country.

Some people start dey call for de online campaign to move offline to proper demo on de streets as part of efforts to get Ghanaian leadership to act.

Some people are suggesting that this campaign be organized face to face and a demonstration is made on the streets to prove to the government how desperate Ghanaians are and the need for immediate change.

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