We will embark on a strike – Senior staff association of Universities in Ghana


Senior staff association of the Universities in Ghana have made known their intentions to remark on a strike dated to begin on Tuesday, 18th May this year.

The intended strike comes on the back of the government’s inability to pay the tier-2 pension arrears, market premiums and non-basic allowances, among others, of the members of the association.

The planned strike is prompted by the government’s failure to pay the association’s members’ tier-2 pension arrears, market premiums, and non-basic allowances, among other things.

“We will embark on the strike on the 18th of May 2021. We have submitted a letter to the Labour Commission as required by the labour laws to give them seven working days notice. The government has not yielded to the directives of the Labour Commission. This one is going to be an aggravated strike because the last time we went on strike, retired staff were put in the principal offices. This time around, we are going to make sure that no skeletal staff is going to be put in principal offices,” he said.

According to the National Chairman for the Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana, Zakaria Mohammed, On the specified date, their representatives will lay down their tools, and they will guarantee that no skeleton staff is brought back to work after the strike.

The following is a list of the issues raised by the organization in a statement:
1. Non-payment of our tier 2 pension arrears (2010-2016)
2. Market premium and non-basic allowance
3. Failure by Fair Wages and Salaries Commission to finalise negotiations on our conditions of service.

The Association declared a strike in February 2021 over the same concerns but were forced to suspend it after the National Labour Commission secured an interlocutory injunction from the High Court, Labour Division, against them.

Below is the full statement from the association:






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