About Us

Micro Watch

Micro WATCH is a registered company under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179). We aim at bridging the communication gap, with reference to information and education between, the Micro Finance/Micro Credit Institutions and their members within the informal business sector. We achieve this primarily, through the electronic and print media leveraging on our over one million subscribed viewership on our online TV and the twenty thousand readership for our quarterly hard print magazine. By this, we are able to inform, educate and impact onto the public and our target groups. The tremendous change Micro WATCH has brought to the Micro Credit Sector in terms of reportage and documentary coverage’s for the various less privileged individuals especially in the informal businesses and a special focus on women, cannot be over emphasized

Our Values

W        -           We pride ourselves in delivering quality

A         -          Authenticity for our stories, features, reports, and coverage for credibility

T         -          Trust is focal for our audience, whom we have at heart

C         -          Creativity is our underpinning

H         -          Honor is our watchword for both our partners and beneficiaries.