Ghana Cooperatives Council Addressed Cooperative Cocoa Farmers in Sefwi Bekwai at their Annual General Meeting

As part of our mandate to advocate, train and educate people to build strong and vibrant cooperatives in Ghana, The Ghana Cooperative council (GCC) had a talk with the Sefwi Bekwai Cocoa Farmers’ Co-operative in the Western North region of Ghana last Thursday 17thSeptember 2020.
Sefwi Bekwai Cocoa Farmers’ Co-operative has over 2500 members who are into Cocoa farming.

Our Regional Development officer, Mr. Patrick Danyoh in charge of the Sefwi Bekwai and its environment, met with almost 700 farmers from the Sefwi Bekwai Cocoa Farmers’ Co-operative during their Annual General Meeting. Speaking after the Regional Director of the Ghana CocoaBOD of the Western North Region, he sensitized the farmers on the needs and benefits of forming a strong cooperative which is self-reliance and self-responsible.

Additionally, he educated the farmers on the seven principles of cooperative including: Open and voluntarily membership, democratically controlled, Autonomy and independent, Economic participation of members, Continuous education & training, cooperation among cooperatives, and finally Concern for the community. He entreated the farmers to be more committed and to obey the bye-laws established by themselves if they want to enjoy the full benefit of cooperative.
Finally, Mr. Danyoh asked the leaders of the Union to be transparent, accountable and fair in all their activities. He said for a cooperative to be viable and attractive, the leaders have to be opened minded and innovative.